Client Story:


Created core process to accelerate high potential employees to high-quality leadership capability


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The Context

high store manager labour turnover, particularly in the South East, meant that many of the excellent operations projects were often compromised by a lack of leadership to execute.

our approach

we developed on-line processes to gather feedback and understand the key drivers of store manager turnover.  We conducted listening groups both of newly recruited store managers as well as leavers.  Using this data we were able to re-design the induction scheme to be more effective means of setting individuals up for success.

our solution

For newly recruited store managers we re-designed the induction process to provide a support network as well as a range of skills and pragmatic tools that could be put to immediate use within the stores.   For existing high potential store managers we designed a development programme to accelerate growth and provide the necessary skills to manage multiple stores (called Shining Stars).  


Our Shining Stars programme, offers store managers support to become area and regional managers.  My leadership Development Team delivered the first programme for 17of our colleagues, 16 of whom have so far been promoted’ 

(Helen Webb –Chief People Officer.)

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